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Door-to-Door Services

Door to DoorVehicle Shipping |

The following must be fulfilled before we pickup your shipment:

  • Door-to-door barrels should only include food and clothing, no appliances.
  • A detailed list must be given and should include all items in your barrel as well as the quantity.
  • A value of the main items in the barrel must be stated on the list.
  • The value should not exceed $500.00; if it does, please note that you may be charged additional in the Caribbean before your goods are delivered.
  • If appliances are included, you will be charged additional at the destination.
  • Please note that you must give a telephone number of your relatives and friends to ensure that they can be contacted.
  • A complete address in the Caribbean including street, postal address, parish, and town must be given to ensure efficient delivery of barrels.
  • Relatives and friends in the Caribbean must be informed that they should inspect the barrel in the presence of the representative before signing that they have received their goods in good condition.
  • Team Rate Shipping is not responsible for items reported missing once you have signed the declaration form.
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