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teamRate shipping to Jamaica

Shipping to Jamaica

Shipping to Jamaica Whether you are looking to ship barrels, boxes Wooden Crates, vehicles or containers. We at Team Rate Shipping are the best in Shipping to Jamaica. If you are a returning resident to Jamaica, Team Rate Shipping have the staff to make the process as easy as possible for you, we are very knowledgeable and can offer advice and experience for the whole process.

We at Team Rate Shipping offer a range of services for your shipment to Jamaica, whether you want to ship a vehicle, a container, or part share container, Wooden Crates, or take advantage of our door to door services. Don't hesitate to contact us, we at Team Rate Shipping are always ready to help. We sell Barrels ( plastic and metal), Cardboard Boxes, Wooden Crates (various different sizes).

Team Rate Shipping have a regular shipping service to Jamaica, that covers both the ports of Kingston and Montego Bay, and offer three main options for your shipment:

Shipping to Jamaica, Port only (Ex arrival consignee) - This is the cheapest way of shipping to Jamaica and covers collection and shipping to your choice of Kingston or Montego Bay, however all charges once the goods have arrived at the port will be the responsibility of the people receiving the goods in Jamaica.

Shipping to Jamaica, cleared (Arrival cleared) - Our most popular method of shipping to Jamaica is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to arrange your shipment. This service includes collection, shipping, wharfage and clearance in Jamaica. Although we try to cover as many charges as possible, we regretfully cannot cover Customs Duty. Using this service to ship to Jamaica will mean that, with the exception of Customs Duty and any required storage in Jamaica, all charges will have been paid by the shipper.

Shipping to Jamaica, door to door (Paid to destination) - Why not take advantage of our door to door service, and leave all of the hassle to us. As with the above shipping to Jamaica, cleared, this service covers all of the charges with the exception of Customs Duty and any potential storage in Jamaica. Although attendance at the port is still necessary, if you choose to ship to Jamaica door to door, once the relevant Customs duty has been paid onward delivery to your residence will be arranged at the earliest convenience.

If you choose Team Rate Shipping to handle your shipping to Jamaica, our agent in either Kingston or Montego Bay will contact you, or your representative in Jamaica, when your goods arrive in Jamaica to advise what day to attend the port to commence clearance. You will require proof of ID, such as a passport or driving licence, your TRN (Tax Registration Number) and cash for any duty and charges payable.

When you arrive at the port your goods will have been discharged from the shipping container and placed into the warehouse, and on your arrival will be placed into the Customs inspection area. Some customs officers may request a partial viewing whilst others may insist on a full turn-out, and this is at the discretion of the individual Customs official.

Whilst our agents' staff will do all they can to keep an eye on the handling of your goods during discharge, scanning and whilst in the inspection area, we do encourage you to stay close by and raise any concerns with the handlers if you feel it necessary.

Once inspection is finished you will be taken with the Customs officer to complete the clearance procedure and pay any duty and charges as necessary. You are then free to obtain a release note and take your goods from the port. If you have decided to take advantage of Transpakship's door to door shipments onward delivery will now be arranged.


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